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A Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We Support The Wounded Warrior Project.

We Provide Balance

Balance between day and night,  hours awake and hours asleep. Sleep is essential to life and deep, quality sleep is priceless. If you don't get adequate sleep, you will not have a good day. And if you don't get QUALITY sleep, you'll feel tired throughout the day. At Richmond Bedding our goal is to provide the best night's sleep you've ever experienced. When you combine an Adjustable Bed with a great mattress you'll experience the deepest, quality sleep possible. Our clients say they haven't slept as well in years!

About half of our customers are transitioning to an Adjustable Bed because of health problems. Whether it's esophageal reflux, circulatory issues, or problems with your neck, back, hips or're going to LOVE your new bed. The other half of our customers are transitioning to an Adjustable Bed to make their bedroom a friendlier place to watch TV, read, or use their iPad.  

Whatever your reasons for needing an Adjustable Bed, we're here to make sure of three things...


We Provide Integrity

We adhere very strictly to the following: People BEFORE Profit. We're happy providing the products that fit your needs and don't try to "sell" you anything you don't want. This approach has served us very well over the years. We understand that people want to buy, but no one enjoys being sold. That's why when you call us we'll happily answer your questions, let you think about what you want to do and call us back another day. Greater than 90% of our customers talk with us at least two to three times before making a purchase. We understand this is an important decision and want you to take your time, learn all you can and ONLY THEN make a decision. YOUR money, YOUR decision, YOUR timeline! We're here to give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

We also know that when making a decision to buy online, NOTHING is more important than trust. Most Online Dealers will have a lot of good things to say about themselves and present these glowing endorsements as "Customer Reviews" on their website. Not really helpful since you know that when those words were entered on the Website, a company owner or employee was sitting at the keyboard. The next section on this page will exemplify the proper way to validate the service level of an online seller.

Another way Dealers try to "pull one over" on the consumer is hosting fake review websites. The way this works is you Google the term "Adjustable Bed" or "Mattress" with the words "Best Rated", "Top Rated", "Reviews" or "Customer Reviews" and you find what appears to be a Review Website. But, it's actually a "shell" site hosted and paid for by the company that's being STRONGLY endorsed. We cover this and many other ruses being employed on our "Shopping Mistakes To Avoid" page which is linked just below this section.

Richmond Bedding DOES NOT and WILL NEVER participate in this type of online behavior!

Shopping Mistakes To Avoid

We Provide *Real Reviews

*REAL REVIEWS are reviews that are posted elsewhere on the Internet. Reviews posted on the same website as the company trying to sell you goods are usually are a work of fiction.

Below are the three sites you can go to check the reputation of Richmond Bedding. After the descriptive paragraphs there are three logos. Just click on the logo to be taken to the corresponding site.

1.  VERIFIED REVIEWS : 5.0 / 5.0 STARS : This is an Independent Third Party Review Company that is recognized by Google as accruing VERIFIABLE Customer Reviews in accordance with Google's Standards. These are reviews posted by actual customers of Richmond Bedding and we have absolutely NO control of these reviews.

2.  GOOGLE REVIEWS : 4.9 / 5.0 STARS : These are reviews submitted directly to Google. They are VERY hard to get or keep. If you look around the Internet you'll see that most companies have very few (if any) Google Reviews. Our local Costco only has 39 Google reviews and if you're familiar with Costco you know they have a HUGE amount of traffic. Google's robots "purge" these reviews from time-to-time. What does that mean? They will just randomly delete some or all of your reviews on their server. If you search the term "Lost Google Reviews" you'll find a LOT of companies reporting that their Google Reviews are there one day and gone the next. Some will report that they had a lot of reviews and now have almost no reviews. If all our Five-Star Google Reviews were never "purged" by Google we'd have well over 300 of them today. Because these are hard to get and even harder to keep, just having them says a lot about a company. We just (July 2017) got our first 1 Star Review on Google. And that wasn't from a customer, just someone who got their "feelings" hurt while visiting our showroom.

3. BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU : ACCREDITED MEMBER, A+ RATING : Every local BBB will have a file on companies that have been in business for several years whether or not they're a member. The file will contain a three-year history for that company. In our file we had one complaint from one COMPLETELY insane customer in the last three years. The BBB isn't a factor in my personal buying decisions, but I've come to realize that for others it is important. Some of our customers rely on BBB Safeguards to have confidence in a company. So we decided to join our local BBB as an Accredited Business to give those folks the peace-of-mind they're looking for. We've met all the standards to be an Accredited Member and have agreed to abide by any and all of their rules and arbitration decisions. But if we have a problem with a customer, shipment or will never go that far. We'll just take care of the problem and make you happy.

PLEASE NOTE: The BBB incorrectly shows our 2010 "Incorporation Date" as how long we've been in business. We operated as Richmond Mattress Company and Richmond Adjustable Beds for seven years before we Incorporated as Richmond Bedding. Our total time in business is almost 14 years.

It's our hope that we've provided you with the assurance you need to make an informed, confident decision.

think our reviews are too good to be true?

Yes, our reviews are excellent. Some might say "too good". Just in case you think our reviews sound too good to be true below are ten other sites who use Verified Reviews. You'll find them to be reputable companies but they don't quite match our level of customer satisfaction. Just click on the examples to view their websites. Once there you can click on their "Verifed Reviews" badge to see their reviews.

a website with 10,000 reviews....what?

After we started using Verified Reviews our competitors decided they needed to add some sort of reassurance to their websites. Unfortunately they haven't done a very good job of convincing us that their reviews are legitimate. To be honest we seriously doubt any of their claims.

You can read all about them on our "Shopping Mistakes To Avoid" page by clicking below. We also have a LOT of good information there about how you can become a more educated online shopper. Things to look out for...etc...

Shopping Mistakes To Avoid

a word about google places reviews

GOOGLE PLACES REVIEWS DISAPPEAR! This "problem" isn't unique to Richmond Bedding. If you enter "Lost Google Reviews", "Google Reviews Missing" or "Google Reviews Disappear " into any Search Engine you'll see where a LOT of companies have this same problem. We love Google, we really do! They do a VERY good job of ranking us in their search engine.

But for some reason our great reviews disappear from our Google Places page. At one time we had over 100 five-star reviews. They were using a one to five star scoring system and a 30 point system with 30 meaning all five-star reviews. Confusing, I know! At this stage we "should" have well over 300 Google Reviews.
Every time we check our Google Places page it's a real guessing game as to what reviews have disappeared or reappeared overnight. Below is a screenshot form a few years ago. We had 101 reviews with a perfect review score of 30. To see what our Google Reviews used to look like please click the link at the bottom of this section. 

Update: Google in the last couple of years changed from "Google Places" to "Google +" in an attempt to compete in the social marketing game. They looked at Facebook, Twitter and others and decided they needed to be a player.

A LOT of companies lost a LOT of reviews and other information when Google migrated all the Google Places pages to Google +. They made this change without any notification or allowing business owners to participate in choosing what information was important and what wasn't. Also business owners can't get rid of their old product info if Google migrated it since they haven't provide a mechanism to do so. This migration could have certainly been better planned and executed had they shown a little more regard for their customers.

Google Reviews Historical View
yahoo & yelp reviews

A word about YELP! Reviews. If you go to our Yelp page please make sure and click near the bottom of the page where it says "other reviews that are not currently recommended". Yelp decides which reviews to display and which to hide from view. Their decision is based upon who will spend money with them for advertising and who will not. ALL our reviews they have chosen to hide were five-star reviews.

2013: Well it finally happened to us. We had read that at some point YELP! would call and ask you to spend money advertising on their site. We also read that if you decline you good reviews will be moved to the back pages and any bad reviews will be moved to the front page. This will lower your companies "star" rating. That's just what happened. We had a little over 50 reviews, they called and asked us to advertise, we declined. A week later we lost a LOT of reviews.

A Class Action Lawsuit was leveled against Yelp in California. The case was dismissed because the judge didn't want to be the first in the nation to rule against 1st Amendment Freedom Of Speech on the Internet. Who brought the Lawsuit? Mostly restaurant owner's. When I travel I WILL use Yelp. When scrolling through the restaurant listings I won't consider going to eat anywhere that doesn't have at least 3.5 stars. A LOT of Mom & Pop restaurants don't have the budget to advertise on Yelp. So they tell Yelp that they don't have the budget and politely decline to advertise. Then Yelp does what Yelp does. They move all the low star reviews to the front page and relegate all the five star reviews to the back pages where  they don't count in the "star" rating. Overnight a Mom & Pop restaurant goes from 4 or 4.5 stars to 2.5 to 3 stars. New business and out-of-town customer traffic will just stop dead. Revenues drop 30 ~ 40% and within a few months they are forced to close the doors. Should anyone on the Internet have this much power to ruin other peoples lives? I certainly don't think so, how about you?

UPDATE: March 10th, 2014. Got a call yesterday asking me to advertise with Yelp again. Declined as politely as possible. Next day we have three reviews showing and six reviews "not recommended". Whatever that's supposed to mean, except for the fact they don't display until you click on the line which forces them to display. And the fact that someone who doesn't look closely assumes we only have three reviews. Also noted that the six reviews they chose to hide from plain view were well written and detailed.  Instead they chose to display the shorter ones which don't provide potential customers with much in the way of detail. I really wonder how long they'll engage in these tactics which to me basically equate to online blackmail. We don't just make up stuff like this, after the next paragraph is a link to a LOT of information about Yelp.

UPDATE: January 12th, 2016. Got another call and they said with the "views" I was receiving on the Yelp site that I basically OWED them and should advertise. I declined. They did their worst moving reviews around and dropped me to 4 out of 5 stars. I really dislike Yelp and they will NEVER see a dime of advertising money from me or anyone with which i have any influence.

Here's a link to a website called You can read all about small business owner's experiences with these extortionists.

YAHOO REVIEWS: Yahoo used to host a separate review site for businesses. Then they simply "mirrored" the Yelp Reviews. That was unfortunate for a lot of businesses. We used to send a lot of customers to Yahoo when they asked where they could leave a good review for Richmond Bedding. We sent them to Yahoo because when a review was posted it would have a much better chance of "sticking" than on Google Reviews.

When Yahoo decided to just copy the Yelp reviews they completely erased all the existing business reviews they had previously hosted. Just there one day and gone the next. We lost a LOT of excellent Yahoo reviews

Update January 2016: I have absolutely NO idea what Yahoo is doing now. We've got three reviews there and they're all three to four years old. It looks like they dropped the Yelp Reviews and restored the last three they had in their database. Not a great help to any businesses but I'm glad they've decided to distance themselves from Yelp.

Update July 2016: Yahoo is once again "mirroring" Yelp Reviews. Looks like any Yahoo Reviews businesses may have gathered over the years are now gone for good.

emails directly from our customers

I know that we've cautioned you about trusting reviews hosted on the same website as the company selling the goods. These are from our customers and they are all from YEARS ago. When these folks sent us their email we promised them we'd host it on our site and we're still honoring our promise.

We completely understand if you approach these reviews with a healthy amount of skepticism, but here they are.

I've had spinal problems my entire life and after the birth of my first child we HAD to get an adjustable bed. Shopped locally for a couple of weeks and then went online.  I'm the kind of person who does a LOT of research before buying ANY large ticket item. I found that after my research and then starting to call dealers, I was more knowledgeable on the Leggett & Platt beds than anyone I was calling. Shouldn't be that way!  I also had a few of them giving me bad information or sort of "making it up" as they went.

I also got tired of some of the sales tactics. Stuff like a special price that was going away unless I made a decision on the spot.  Then when I didn't buy they call me back and extend the offer for another day? Really? Do they think we're that dumb?  

That all changed when I called Richmond Bedding. Tim not only answered all my questions correctly but gave me some good advice about the available features I hadn't considered. No pressure to buy today to get a special deal that was going away. None of the old "We've got one of those left at that price" or some of the other cheesy tactics I had run across. He not only gave me the absolutely best price I had been quoted but didn't put an expiration on the deal. He even invited me to call back with further questions without asking me to make a decision on the spot.

As Tim explained, there are only a few Authorized Exclusive Leggett & Platt Dealers online and they all drop ship from Leggett & Platt. However, most of them employ sales people who tend to do what sales people do. At Richmond Bedding you're talking with the owner and no one else. I liked that! We were treated VERY well and saved over $1500 on a Split King Prodigy vs buying locally. I can't recommend this business highly enough!

Brittany P., Hollwwood CA

Tim, Thank you so much. It has been only two days that I have slept in the new bed. This is the best bed I have ever slept in, I mean ever. I had back surgery four years ago that did not go well. I had a fusion from L1 to S1 with articulating arms on T 11 and 12. During surgery an x-ray machine called a C-arm was smashed against my right arm damaging many nerves in my arm. I am right handed. I have excruciating pain in my right arm always. Since my surgery and nerve damage I sleep in three hour intervals.

In the past I would start to sleep in my bed, then to a couch, then back to the bed or just stay awake. This is my sleep schedule : Try to sleep around 10 pm. Awake @ 1am go to couch , watch TV. Go on the computer or walk around the house, fall back to sleep 2 am - 3am on couch awake 5 - 6 am. I may not fall back to sleep awake @ 6 am. Had to take a nap during the day.

Last two nights : Fell asleep watching tv in bed @ 9:30 PM. Woke up @ 1:30, adjusted bed to snore mode fell asleep in 10 minutes, awoke @ 4:30, Raised head and feet, feel back to sleep, alarm awakes me at 6 am. This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Thank you so much. I also wake up with a lot less pain and stiffness. Two years ago I stopped taking all pain meds because it didn't help with the pain in my arm. However, A few weeks ago I had a slip accident and was taking 4 mg of dilaudid every morning for my back pain. With the rest I have been getting the last few nights I have been taking 2 mg and I plan not to take any tomorrow.

I usually do not write emails on products but I am so pleased with the bed I just had to tell you. I have been so frustrated for so long and have spent so much money on crappy beds and mattresses I felt compelled to write.

Regards, D. Stricsek, Tampa FL

This is just a quick note to say thank you for the exemplary service and products. Being from such a long distance from your facility, I was skeptical as to whether to purchase an expensive bed and high end mattresses. The reviews given to you and your company from previous customers convinced me that we should have no problem. Mentioned to you that my wife had not been able to sleep in a bed for several months and had been sleeping on a recliner due to extreme pain and back issues.

When the bed and mattresses were delivered, she slept in the bed the very first night and has experienced an almost 100 percent improvement. For this alone I thank you. Your knowledge of your products and your competitors products made my decision making easy. Bottom line is you personally deserve high marks and the Prodigy bed that we purchased and latex mattresses are fantastic. Thank you for everything.

Bob B., Marco Island FL

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my decision to get the Prodigy adjustable bed base. It was actually delivered last Wednesday and I am very pleased. Your service was above and beyond in getting all my questions answered and making sure I was getting the correct thing. The other Leggett & Platt dealers I had spoken with were nowhere near as helpful, knowledgeable, or responsive. It's so rare to deal with a business who looks after the best interests of the customer as opposed to just making a sale.

As it turned out, I didn't even need the extra kits to secure the mattress (Sleep Number) to the bed base as it stays in place perfectly without them. You even told me this would probably be the case, but I figured it's better to have them and not need them then to need them and not have them. I will not hesitate in recommending
your company to anyone I come across who has need for bedding products of any type. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment from the Prodigy and my husband really likes it as well. We just need to learn how to take full advantage of it's many features!

Thanks again for your service. It has been my pleasure to make this purchase from you.

Tina L., Woodbine MD

We live in a 65+ retirement community so as you can imagine there are a lot of adjustable bed owners in our neighborhood. When we got ready for a bed we started asking friends and neighbors and they all told us to go with Leggett & Platt and to not waste our time looking at any other brand. So we just needed to decide where to purchase.  

We went to a few local stores before going online and found a pretty significant price difference. So we decided that an online purchase was the way to go. After shopping around online for a week we were ready to purchase from a dealer in San Diego. We were going to buy from them because they were in California. Not sure if that makes sense because Leggett & Platt honors the warranty no matter where you live. And, the bed will ship directly from the factory, not the dealer so there's really no advantage from one dealer to another, at least geographically! But then I found a lot of BBB complaints about the dealer we had planned to use. After talking to some of our friends we found that they had a bad experience with the same company and just hadn't taken the time to file a complaint. But they did say they wouldn't use the company again. So we then had to select another dealer.

My wife thought the folks at Richmond Bedding were the most helpful and polite. I called Leggett & Platt and they said Richmond Bedding had never had a single complaint so we went with them and couldn't be happier. Now when the subject comes up we tell our friends to not waste their time and just call Richmond Bedding. So far quite a few have and they have all thanked us.

Clarence H., Los Angeles

We received our Leggett and Platt D-222 Adjustable bed on Thursday. My husband and I both have major back issues. But different types so we needed different mattresses. We ordered the Split King and for the last 4 nights, I have slept better than I have in 2 years. The bed is AMAZING! Tim Hiles was super friendly and helpful and very straight forward when I called him and he helped me decide what  bed to choose. His lifetime warranty (because he believes so strongly in his product) convinced me. And on top of all that, his price beat everyone else! I STRONGLY recommend you call Tim before you go any further in your bed search. He's the best!

Karin & Brian M., Reno Nevada

The purchase of our second Leggett & Platt adjustable bed was easy and worry free. The purchase process Tim Hiles described was exact. I  wish that we had found Richmond Bedding for the first bed. It would have been less expensive and less of a hassle. Tim has a good thing going and will be our go to guy for bedding purchases.

Bill D., Plano, TX

My parents were coming to visit so I needed a new bed. My Father has had several back surgeries and sleeps on a Tempur-Pedic. He swears by it and says it's the only mattress that offers him a good night's sleep. I was within a few days of buying one of the Tempur-Pedic beds for my room so my folks could sleep on it when they were here and then I'd have it for myself. But the price tag was VERY hard to swallow!

I had researched more economical alternatives but was scared of getting Asian foam with some really unhealthy chemicals. I'm in outside sales and one of my accounts told me about your place and that they had bought a memory foam model from you. I came in and you explained that your bed's construction was identical to the Tempur-Pedic Cloud with all US Made foam. It certainly felt the same to me so I bought it on the spot. My folks just went back home after sleeping on the bed and they loved it. My Dad said "I think your Tempur-Pedic feels a little nicer than ours." I didn't have the heart to tell them how much I had saved compared to what they had spent. Thanks for providing an outstanding product at a great price!

Ted M., Richmond

I went to the stores offering the really low priced mattresses on Craigslist and in the paper. They were either out of inventory, or had just one set in just one size. A couple of them had the actual mattress, if that’s what you want to call it. These weren’t anything I could ever sleep on! After wasting a lot of my time and a couple of tanks of gas I went to see Tim. Finally, a good mattress at great price! Do yourself a favor, just go see this guy and don’t waste your time and gas chasing the dream of a good mattress set at a giveaway price. It’s just not out there!

Frank B., Montpelier

I’ve meant to send you a note many times before and am just now getting around to doing so. Three years ago we purchased a mattress from you for our daughter who was in college at the time. Well... she graduated last year and didn’t want the mattress in her room (which cost us more than twice as much as yours), she wanted to bring home the one we bought from you. A few months ago we had guests who used her room and commented on how comfortable the mattress was. I even took a nap on it to see what they meant and it’s a GREAT bed!

So when it was time for my us to get a new mattress we knew just where to go. We love our new mattress and know we couldn’t have gotten more mattress for a better price anywhere (we’ve looked). I really want to thank you for being there for us. We wish you every success in the future.

Tammy F., Mechanicsville VA

Tim, I have to let you know how nice the Memory Foam bed is that I got from you. As I told you when we met I “lost” my Tempur-Pedic during my divorce. Knowing that with my bad back I had to have Memory Foam but not wanting to spend thousands of dollars again I started looking on Craigslist for a used one. That’s when I found you and came to see your bed.

I have to admit I found it hard to believe that your Memory Foam bed would sleep as well as my old Tempur-Pedic, but after six months I have to admit I was wrong! I actually think your bed sleeps better. I couldn’t have gotten a better bed, just don’t believe it’s possible. This thing is FANTASTIC! I’ve been telling all my friends to come see you when they need a new bed. Thanks again,

Larry S., Richmond

We spent an entire weekend visiting mattress stores. We went to the so called outlet places, the discounters, the warehouses as well as the “once in a lifetime” sales. We were treated badly, and looked down upon because we didn’t want to spend $3000 or more for a Queen bed, and just generally disgusted with the entire process.

On Monday at work I was telling one of my co-workers about the whole experience and how upset we were when another co-worker told me to come see you. When I told my husband we needed to go to another mattress place he was not happy! But what a refreshing experience! Very nice beds and reasonable prices. You were very nice to us and made the experience truly enjoyable.

As we were leaving my husband and I said the same thing, “I wish we had gone there first”. The bed is great but the service and no-pressure atmosphere were truly appreciated. We want to thank you for everything, also we love our bed!

Nancy & Robert T., Glen Allen

My Chiropractor told me that I needed an All Foam Bed so I came to you and looked at the Memory Foam bed you have. You told me about the US Made Memory Foam in your bed vs. the Chinese Foam in other beds and I didn’t listen. I just figured it was all “Sales Talk” and ignored you. Then I made the mistake of trying to save a couple of dollars and buying a slightly cheaper Memory Foam bed from another discount store. You told me that all Memory Foam beds would out-gas and have some odor for a couple of days to a week but this thing was a NIGHTMARE! I couldn’t sleep on it for almost two weeks and when I finally could it gave me severe headaches. Of course I couldn’t return it because of the state laws on used mattresses so I was just out the money.

I came back to you and tried very hard to detect ANY odor from your bed. You told me it had a slight citrus odor when first unwrapped for maybe 2 ~ 3 days and then nothing. I couldn’t detect ANY smell whatsoever so I got the mattress. Now I’m sleeping like a dead man! No headaches, no backaches, life is good…finally. I only wish I had listened to you on my first visit and bought your bed then. There is a HUGE difference from one Memory Foam to another, now I know.
I also know where I'll be sending my friends and family when they need a new bed.Thanks Tim!

Oscar W., Richmond

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