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Shopping Mistakes To Avoid

This page is intended to help online shoppers become a little more educated when making a purchase decision. We'll be discussing all kinds of issues on this page. Everything from topics that affect the manufacturing and shipping of our products, competitor's information and various deceptions/untruths/half-truths found on the Internet.

If you want to learn the truth this page is for you. If you believe publishing anything negative is offensive (even if it is the truth), then this page may not be for you. Feel free to click back to your previous page and pretend you were never here.

One of my favorite quotes that aptly applies to this kind of information:

"He who dare not offend cannot be honest", Thomas Paine, 1737 - 1809

DISCLAIMER:  We are NOT publishing this information to impune any single company, website or person. This is information that we feel should be publicly available for all consumers. All statements made here are factual and verifiable.

why we only sell leggett & platt beds

This information is on every model page. But just in case you didn't read it there, we've included it here.

Here are the reasons we ONLY offer Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds and do so with GREAT confidence!


Leggett & Platt has been in business for over 130 years. In the early 70's they invented the adjustable bed. That's been over 40 years ago. No other adjustable bed manufacturer has a 10 year track record. AND, a lot of adjustable bed companies that existed 10 years ago are gone today.


Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds are recognized within the bedding industry as the highest quality available. They’ve been sold for decades under the CraftMatic name, as the Sleep Number FlexFit Foundations and they used to be the exclusive supplier to the Tempur-Pedic Stores. CraftMatic and Sleep Number still use them. Tempur-Pedic switched to the Chinese made ErgoMotion bases in 2008 to increase their profit margin.


We (or our customers) can get replacement parts for a 25 year-old Leggett & Platt bed sent to us overnight. The Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers haven't been making adjustable beds for 10 years and don’t maintain long-term relationships with their parts suppliers. Although the overseas manufactured adjustable beds are fine out-of-the-box and possibly for a couple of years, the problems with replacement parts typically shows up in 3 to 5 years (possibly sooner). The Chinese and Taiwanese companies will switch parts suppliers without notice just to save a few cents. While that’s good for their bottom line, it’s not so good for you when you need a part for your bed in a few years. 

That’s when you have to wait weeks or months for a replacement part and after the long wait you might get a part that doesn’t fit or won’t work. Why? Because the vendor who made your motor, remote, switches, sensors….etc…was left swinging in the wind when the factory switched vendors overnight. Also, when the factory switched vendors they modified the design to fit the new parts. That means their current replacement parts often won’t fit your older bed. Then you’re faced with trying to find someone to modify your bed for the new part, or replacing the entire adjustable bed.


Most of the other adjustable bed manufacturers ONLY manufacture and sell adjustable beds. Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep technology when it introduced its bed spring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a "Who's Who" of U.S. companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs, and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices, and vehicles. Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 20 business units, 18,000 employee-partners, and 130 facilities in 17 countries.


Leggett & Platt Adjustable Beds are made in Georgetown KY and Joplin MO.

ErgoMotion beds are made in China. Rize beds are made in Taiwan. Some Reverie dealers attempt to claim their beds are made in the US. They have a plant in New York that manufactures (using Chinese parts) a small percentage of their total output. By far, the greatest percentage of the beds they sell are imported from China.

How to verify you're dealing with an open and honest website

If you're considering making a online purchase, one of the first things you should do is verify who "owns" the website. WHOIS is a free, publicly available database. You can use it to see who owns a website or if the identity has been hidden or "cloaked".

If you're a good, honest, legitimate business, why would you need to hide? Use the following link to go to WHOIS and enter to see our registration information. Then look into other websites before considering doing business with them.

We recommend this service for EVERY online purchase, not JUST adjustable beds or mattresses.

Here's the link to WHOIS:


the best adjustable bed, the highest rated adjustable bed

Using a search engine and entering terms like the ones above is a very troublesome exercise in deception. Why do we say that? You will encounter many "shell" websites that appear to be reviews of adjustable bed brands and they will rank their supposed findings. Almost everyone has a healthy amount of skepticism for reviews that are posted on the same website as the company that wants to sell you something. That's because the company has employees or a web designer in charge of those reviews and can weed out the bad reviews or just write their own little works of fiction. While this is misleading it can result in greater sales for a while.

As more and more consumers become educated and are suspicious of reviews posted on the merchant's site this method works less and less with time.

So what do these companies do now? They host fake "review" sites. When you Google, Yahoo or Bing general phrases like "Best Adjustable Bed" or "Highest Rated Adjustable Bed" you can find hundreds of these sites. So the question is: How do I know if you're looking at a REAL review site or one posted by a vendor?

Let us educate you just a little bit. We'll use one company as an example, Amerisleep. They're by no means the only company engaged in this advertising deception, but they're pretty blatant in their efforts. In your search for the "Best Adjustable Bed" you might find one of these sites . . . .

Top 6 Adjustable Bed Brands

How Adjustable Bed Brands Stack Up

How To Find The Best Adjustable Bed

These websites are designed to appear as though they are legitimate reviews of adjustable bed brands. That's NOT what they are. These are simply a misleading form of advertising for Amerisleep. So far I've found more than 10 of these sites. On the first site listed above they're "supposedly" reviewing Adjustable Bed BRANDS. Let's look at who's listed in first place . . . Amerisleep.

One MAJOR giveaway here. Amerisleep is a retailer and NOT a brand. Today (August 3rd, 2015) they say that Amerisleep offers "two adjustable beds: their own Ergo Invincible, and the Designer Series from Leggett and Platt". The Ergo beds are NOT their own but are manufactured by ErgoMotion in China. Also note that they go six "Brands" deep and never mention Leggett & Platt as a "Brand". Leggett & Platt is the dominant player in the Adjustable Bed Market and has been making these
beds long before anyone else.

The ownership of these websites is hidden from public view. When registering a domain you can elect to hide your ownership from WHOIS searches. WHOIS is an online tool used to look up the ownership and server location of a website. It's a good way to verify website authenticity. You can Google WHOIS and use it yourself, it's a publicly available service. All these websites show the same information when looked up using *WHOIS (see section above titled "HOW TO VERIFY......). They're all registered with a service called Domain By Proxy and Registrant Name is "Registration Private".

And here's quite the coincidence....Domains By Proxy and Amersleep are BOTH located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This is NOT an honest way of doing business. And unless a shopper is fairly Internet savvy, they'll never suspect a thing. They'll just assume Amersleep HAS to be a really good company. After all, several websites say so and nobody lies on the Internet . . Right?

Unfortunately a LOT of adjustable bed shoppers are senior citizens. The greatest percentage of them use the Internet but don't really know how this form of deception is practiced or just how widespread the problem can be. Amerisleep isn't the only seller using these deceptive practices, they're just one of the most blatant.

Now you know.

consumer affairs website

If you search the Internet for "Best Adjustable Bed" you might stumble across the website below. 

Although this page looks like an unbiased review of adjustable beds, these are actually paid "endorsements". They have a green button near the bottom of the page you can click on that says: "Want your company to be on this guide?".

Also notice that they rank Craftmatic as #1. No one does this, anywhere! To be accurate, Craftmatic beds are manufactured by Leggett & Platt. So even if this site wasn't for sale and biased, by stating Craftmatic is #1 they're actually admitting that Leggett & Platt is #1. How's that for irony?

This site is nothing more than an advertising platform that's for sale. They're not looking out for you, they're looking out for their bank account.

Consumer Affairs

amazon and ebay sales of adjustable beds

As an Exclusive Authorized Online Dealer for Leggett and Platt we are not allowed to participate in "auction" sites like eBay. We're also strongly discouraged from using Amazon to market these adjustable beds.

So if the REPUTABLE Authorized Dealers aren't on Amazon and eBay, who is? Non-Authorized dealers and third party vendors who buy in bulk. The main problem with Amazon and eBay is there's no one you can call and talk to on the phone. It's a "blind" transaction.

So you can't ask a VERY important question which is "how long have you had this bed in your inventory". Why is that an important question? If you read the warranty on any Leggett & Platt product you'll see the warranty starts on the "Date of Sale" or the "Date of Manufacture". If the seller bought a shipping container of adjustable beds two years ago that's the "Date of Sale" and also when the Warranty began.

So you buy the bed and have it delivered. Then somewhere down the road you have a problem with the bed. When you contact Leggett & Platt the first thing they ask for is the unit Serial Number. Their computer will display the "Date of Sale" and that's when you find out you have an expired warranty.

When you order your adjustable bed from an authorized dealer, your bed does not currently exist. Your new adjustable bed will be manufactured to order and sent directly to your home with the latest software updates and electro-mechanical components. We GUARANTEE it!

leggett & platt shipping time

This issue is discussed on every Leggett & Platt model page but we thought including it here would be a good idea.

The Old Story Still Being Told

There are still a LOT of websites out there that say shipping time is “7 to 10 days”. A year or two ago that would have been a true statement. Today.. . . not so true.

So why do the websites and salespeople on the phone STILL say 7 to 10 days? Well in the case of the website, it’s probably just not been updated and they want you to feel like they’ll get your adjustable bed to you as soon as anyone else…so why not buy from them? In the case of the salespeople they are telling you what they’ve been trained to say, or just don't care about the truth.

So What Is The Truth?

In late 2014 demand for Leggett & Platt Adjustable beds rose 60% over the same period from 2013 and that increased demand has not abated. Production and shipping times have increased from 7 to 10 days to approximately three weeks. When we say three weeks we're talking about a three week average from placing your order to having the goods in your home. When you place an order with a Leggett & Platt dealer they’ll send your order to Leggett to be fulfilled. Leggett doesn’t do warehousing and inventory on the majority of models. And, they fulfill ALL orders in the order they were received. Someone may tell you “We do so much business with Leggett & Platt that our beds ship quicker than the other guys. That’s simply NOT the truth, Leggett does not play favorites.

When the factory is producing some of the more popular models they will manufacture more than they have on order because they know these are in high demand. So, occasionally an order might ship quicker and we're sure that will make you happy. But because we can't GUARANTEE that and to keep things honest we're going to stick with the three week average timeline from placing your order to having the goods in your home. The main thing to remember is this: wherever you buy your Leggett & Platt adjustable bed, your production and shipping time will be the same. By reading this you now know the truth, AND the whole story.

package deals, mattress and adjustable bed for one price

Be VERY careful when you see someone selling a "package" deal. Whether it's on Amazon, eBay or even an Authorized Leggett & Platt Dealer.

On our website we break out the prices on all our mattresses. Some websites only show your package price when you buy the Adjustable Bed AND the mattresses. So what's wrong with that? Usually a LOT! I've personally been contacted by some of the Chinese foam mattress manufacturers as well as some of the cheaper US Made foam mattress suppliers. Some of the pricing I've been quoted by the relatively unknown US companies tells me that the mattresses they're representing as US Made are one of two things. They're either REALLY cheap foam made in the US or they're actually made in China and bieng misrepresented.

One company offered to sell me 13" Memory Foam or Cool Gel mattresses in the Twin XL size for right at $109. What could I do with those mattresses?  Well, I could combine them with a Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed in a "package" deal that would APPEAR to be a tremendous bargain. But my customers would end up hating me when the mattress lasts no time and has to be replaced within a year or two.

Some of the Chinese companies tell me who's already selling their mattresses sucessfully on Amazon and eBay. They want me to be impressed with the profits being made. I'll look at their listings listings and see these $109 mattresses listed as "Ultra Luxurious" or "Super Plush" or whatever buzz words they think will make you believe it's a really good mattress. But it's not!

I've researched a LOT of the package deals being offered around the Internet. Knowing what the Leggett and Platt Beds cost the dealers and comparing that to the package price tells me approximately how much money the dealer has in the mattresses. And usually it's VERY little.

Of course they all have stories about how they buy so many they get really attractive price breaks. It doesn't work that way. I've spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars with vendors and been offered minimal price breaks only after doing a great deal of business. The only price "break" these dealers are getting is the price difference between what they pay for the mattress they want to sell you and what they would pay for an equal size mattress of higher quality.

So how do you protect yourself from these unbelievable "package" deals? Here's how. If they don't state the price of the mattress separately, beware! If they don't give you a good explanation of the layers and construction materials in the mattress, beware!

If the "deal" sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest of this sentence.....

really low price on adjustable bed, high price on mattress

Here's another way some stores and online dealers will try to make you think you're getting a great deal when you're really not.

I first encountered this a few years ago when an older gentleman called me inquiring about a Leggett & Platt Prodigy Split King. He told me he could buy the bed from another dealer at a price which was below my dealer cost. We had a LONG conversation with me telling him it couldn't be done, there had been some sort of misunderstanding, he should call them back....etc...

Finally it hit me and I asked him a VERY important question. I asked if he was buying mattresses WITH the Prodigy and from the SAME dealer. He said that yes he was. I then asked him what he was paying for the mattresses and he told me "about $5,000". I immediately knew what was happening. 

They were selling him mattresses with a very vague description and GREATLY inflating their value. They were then using part of the obscene profits from the mattresses, "applying" it towards the Adjustable Bed cost and telling him he was getting the Prodigy at a ridicously low price they knew no one else could match. He couldn't cross-shop the mattresses but they knew he could shop the Prodigy Adjustable Bed. By quoting a high mattress price and a low adjustable bed price they felt like they could "lock" him in.

They were basically playing an online version of the old shell game. But instead of where's the pea, it was where's your money actually going? I told him to have his wife or a friend call and ask to buy the mattresses ONLY. When they called the dealer offered the mattresses for a LOT less than $5000.

When he called me back, I then told him I could sell him mattresses for $5000 and give him a FREE Prodigy. It's all in how it's being labeled. He saw the light and bought from us.

So what can we learn form this? Any dealer should have their mattresses priced separately from the adjustable beds. If not, you may never know what exactly what you're spending for either the mattress or the bed. If they THEN go on to offer you a "package deal" you're a lot more informed.

And, you shouldn't have to make multiple calls to get the truth.

white glove shipping costs

When researching Leggett & Platt adjustable beds you might see phrases like "Free White Glove Shipping" or "$100 White Glove Shipping". We'd like to let you know the EXACT costs of White Glove Service. Leggett & Platt has a nationwide contract for White GLove Delivery and the cost is a flat fee for EVERY dealer. The White Glove Delivery fee for an adjustable bed is $325. The White Glove Delivery fee for an adjustable bed WITH a mattress from Leggett & Platt is $400. We discount the $325 fee to $250 for our customers (we pay the first $75). Typically, we split the $400 fee for our customers buying a base WITH a Leggett & Platt distributed mattress or mattresses. In that case you would pay $200 and we would cover the other $200.

Why do we feel it's important to disclose this information? Almost every day someone will call us for the price of an Adjustable Bed with White Glove Shipping. Our price is uaually $700 to $1000 less than listed elsewhere for the same adjustable bed. Then, they ask us "How much is the White Glove Delivery". When we tell them our cost is $325 but we'll discount it to them at $250 they'll say "The other website only charges $100 for White Glove, why is yours so high?". I think they believe we're trying to use the White Glove Fees to recoup profits.

We have to explain to them that the other website is "bundling" the White Glove costs into the asking price of the Adjustable Bed. Sometimes they understand, sometimes they don't. Then we tell them the following. "Tell you what, pay us the same price for the Adjsutable Bed as listed on the other Website, we'll give you FREE White Glove Delivery AND send you a $100 Gift Card". After that conversation, almost everyone understands the "mislabeling" of fees on other websites.

Everyone needs to understand that nothing is free. You'll pay for it in the cost of the Adjustable Bed or if dealing with an honest company you'll know EXACTLY what the costs are.

A website with 10,000 reviews

Once we started using Verified Reviews for reliable third-party independent reviews our competitors decided they needed to add some sort of reassurance to their websites. Unfortunately they haven't done a very good job of convincing us that their reviews are legitimate. To be honest we seriously doubt any of their claims and here's an excellent example of why we say this.

One dealer is claiming 10,000 plus customer reviews. This "claim" is prominently displayed on their website's homepage. Originally, when you drilled down into this claim you were presented a PDF file that with a list of states, cities, names and dates. No reviews like you were promised. I guess they were hoping you wouldn't pay attention to that fact.

We took a screenshot of the first time they posted this file on their website. The screenshot is linked below labeled "Exhibit A". We just took an example of the list where these customers "supposedly" existed in our area. Notice anything suspicious about the list? Look at the dates listed on the sheet. On their website these dates were defined as the date that the person has "been a customer since". Then look closely at the very bottom right of the image. This is where a computer running Windows displays today's date. See the date is April 9th, 2015? Note how the "been a customer since" dates are all LATER than the Windows date on the computer? Can you say "Time Travel"?

So one of three things was happening when the list was first published.

1. They had a psychic working for them who could see into the future and supply them with customer info on transactions that hadn't yet occurred,
2. The person "compiling" this information was grossly incompetent and their work wasn't checked.
3. This information was a work of "fiction" to dupe unsuspecting consumers.

I'm going to go out on a limb and rule out the first possibility. I'm even willing to eliminate the third possibility and give them the benefit of the doubt that they're actually an honest company. So that only leaves us with the third possibility, unsupervised gross incompetence. As a prospective customer, I wouldn't find that reassuring.

Then at a later date they cleaned up the "future dates" and republished the PDF. That file is listed below under "Exhibit B". The format of the PDF changed and then all the dates were changed to the past. Pretty good editing job but still not the reviews you were promised.

Then finally they edited the PDF again. It's below listed as "Exhibit C". This time they added "customer comments" to every single one of the 10,000 "customers" Not really a review but at least a comment. But let's take a look at the comments and analyze them just a little bit. If you open the PDF in Google Chrome you can use the built-in "Find Bar" feature [Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘-F (Mac)]. By using this tool we can see how many times a word or phrase is repeated.

Three comments absolutely DOMINATE the comments section.

1. Okay to call me anytime to discuss bed
2. Like the bed
3. Love the bed

Using the Find Bar we see that the word "Okay" is in the document 2,503 times, the word "Like" is mentioned 2.078 times and finally, the word "Love" is there 1,263 times. So a total of 5,884 customers, or more than half all had the same three comments? Doesn't seem right to me, how about you?

Here's what I believe they did. The document was created in Microsoft Excel then saved as a PDF Document. They made up a few phrases and "sprinkled" them throughout the document using copy and paste. I guess they were confident that no one would notice the repetition of phrases and this would convince prospective buyers that they had actually taken the time to post an actual statement made by each and every one of these 10,000 customers.

I don't even look at this "review" list anymore. After what I've seen over the last couple of years there's no reason for me to believe anything they choose to post today.

UPDATE FALL 2016: This Business, Sleep Comfort of San Diego California has closed. We would have never identified them by name while they were in operation. We will tell you the "questionable" things companies do but we'll rarely call them out by name. We wish their owners and employees all the best in all their future endeavors.

Here's the three PDF's they published on their website....

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
companies who want you to believe they're bigger than they are

Everyone likes to know they're buying from an established, stable company. Nothing wrong with seeking that assurance when you're parting with your hard-earned money.

Knowing this, some online companies will try to make you think they're a huge company when they're really not. Here's a prime example. On their website, on the "About Us" page they have a picture of a VERY big factory. Of course they want you to believe that it's their building and they're a really big deal. But when you find their address on the website and look them up using Google Maps you find they're operating from an office "strip center" in an industrial park.

They don't even have a showroom! Take a look at the attached document to see what we're talking about.

Fake Building vs Real Building
FDA airbeds...... really?

There's one airbed website that tries to make a big deal of being owned by a "Registered FDA Company".

What you need to pay close attention to is the wording. They are "owned" by a Registered FDA Company...they are NOT a Registered FDA Company. Who cares who owns you? All I care about is what I'm buying.

For example... At one time Mercedes Benz owned Chrysler. Did anyone buying a Chrysler Minivan think they were getting a Mercedes? I certainly hope not.

But they "splash" the FDA Logo all over their website in an attempt to give themselves legitimacy they haven't earned. I don't think this is a very honest way of doing business but I'm sure many consumers have been duped with this meaningless claim.

The PDF below has screen shots taken directly from their website. You'll notice the FDA claim prominently displayed. Then near the bottom you'll see they state who makes the foam in their beds, Pacific Urethanes. You can Google Pacific Urethanes and see they make no claims relating to the FDA.

Judge for you find this advertising deceptive?

I recently had a customer who made a very good point about FDA Approval. She stated that she was familiar with the FDA Approval process and the fact that approval takes YEARS. She said she wouldn't buy a bed with FDA Approval because by the time it had been approved it would be out-dated technology. I hadn't looked at it that way but she made a very good point.

Directly From Their Website

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